EndevcoCorporation”s Model 4999 low-pass filter signal conditioner provides individual input ground isolation to eliminate groundloops often encountered with multiple channel measurements. Thesignal conditioner is particularly well suited for applications, such asrotating machinery test cells and the nuclear services industry, where avery low noise floor is required.The 16-channel, 2Urack-mounted system offers an ultra-low-noise design in a four- orsix-pole, low-pass filter conditioner that supplies excitation currenttoIEPE (ISOTRON®, ICP®)-type sensors and remote charge convertors.Although ultra-low broadband noise is specified at <30µV RMS, thesignal conditioner actually measures at <15 µV for high accuracywithlow-level vibration signals for any data acquisition system. Itis a good fit for use with the Endevco model 2771C low-noise remotechargeconverter and a PE sensor.