Thomas Products‘s Series 2665/2685 WOB-L piston pumps are specially designed to stand upto the rigors of use in coin-operated tire inflation pumps and otherair-vending applications. Series 2665 pumps are for use where fan guards are not required. Series 2685 pumps include stainless steel fanguards.   Constructed of light, rugged die-cast aluminum, thepumps incorporate epoxy-coated head and valve plates for exteriorcorrosion protection and a special Teflon piston seal that remainsflexible even in cold temperatures.  Stainless steel valves andpermanently lubricated bearings further enhance reliability. Oilless,nonlube piston and cylinders prevent air-flow contamination. Apressure-relief valve is also included. Thermally protected AC motorsare of a permanent-split capacitor design. Twin fans provide efficientcooling of the motor and cylinder. Maximum flow for pumps equipped with115 VAC 60Hz single-phase motors is rated at 3.68 CFM  (104.2LPM). Maximum flow for pumps equipped with 220-240 VAC 50Hzsingle-phase motors is 3.23 CFM (91.5 LPM).  All Series 2665/2685pumps provide up to 100 PSI (6.9 bar) of pressure.