Precision Digital”s Fluidwell F-Series is a versatile line of indicators and controllers designed primarily for flowrate, total, batch, and flow computer applications. These products are easily programmed, accept a variety of inputs, and display them on a large, informative, optional backlit LCD (pictured here). Options for relays, retransmission, and Modbus serial communications further enhance this line of instruments. Rugged field- and panel-mount enclosures and the ability to power the F-Series from AC, DC, battery, or a four to 20 mA loop allow the products to be installed virtually anywhere.

Features per Product Type:

Batch Controllers
• Analog or pulse input
• 1 or 2 stage batch control
• Start, stop, & pause buttons
• Overrun correction
• Count up or count down
• Flow rate, preset , & total display
• 11 digit non-resettable total

Flow Computers
• Analog or pulse input
• Temperature compensation for liquids
• Temperature & pressure compensation for gas
• Ratio calculation & monitoring
• Fuel consumption calculation
• 11 digit non-resettable total

• Analog or pulse input
• Multi-point linearization
• 7 digit flow rate display
• 7 digit total display
• 11 digit non-resettable total
• Bi-directional measurement
• High & low alarms
• Analog & pulse outputs