Microfluidics” M-110Y and M-110EH Microfluidizer processors are lab machines for cell disruption, formulation development, and other fluid processing applications. The M-110Y is a pneumatic benchtop version, while the M-110EH (pictured here) is a plug-in electric-hydraulic floor model on wheels. The M-110Y supports highly variable process pressure, ranging from a low of 1,500 PSI to a high of 23,000 PSI. Options available for the M-110Y include an NIST-traceable pressure transducer and thermocouple and accessories for pressurized sample feed. The M-110EH supports process pressures ranging from 2,500 PSI to 25,000 PSI. Equipped with a single -acting intensifier pump that amplifies the hydraulic pressure, the M-110EH drives the product through the interaction chamber at a constant pressure. Options available for the M-110EH processor include a small-volume configuration capable of processing samples as small as 25 mL and an explosion-proof version for operation in hazardous environments.