Swagelok”s S Series and W Series hoses are designed to help manage fluids in cooling applications within the semiconductor industry. The hoses offer chemical compatibility for many coolant lines and feature built-in insulation that can reduce the need for external wrapping, helping to increase accessibility of the hose. These additional features assist with longer product life, lower maintenance costs, and fewer hose replacements, helping to lower the overall total cost of ownership. Improved flexibility with smaller outside diameters also helps to simplify routing within system layouts.

The S Series hose features a PTFE core for chemical resistance and two layers of reinforcement; an inner fiber braid surrounded by an outer braid of 304 stainless steel wire for strength. Sizes are 1/8″ to one-inch (3.2 mm to 25.4 mm) with working pressures to 3,500 PSIG (241 bar) and temperature ranges from -65 F to 450 F (-53 C to 232 C). A variety of metric and fractional lengths are available with an extended choice of end connections.

The W Series shares similar construction to the S series, but adds an insulation wrap between the two braid layers and a carbon black-filled PTFE core in place of the standard PTFE core. Like the S Series, it is finished with a smooth, easy-to-clean silicone cover. The W series is also offered with multiple silicone cover options: black, blue, red, and white. These cover options can be used to easily identify supply and return lines to exchangers/chillers. The insulation adds an additional thermal barrier for applications where temperature control is critical and the carbon black-filled inner core dissipates static buildup. Sizes are 3/8″ and 1/2″ (9.6 mm and 12.7 mm) with working pressures up to of 1,000 F PSIG at 70 F (68.9 bar at 20 C), and temperature range from -65 F to 450 F (-53 C to 232 C).