Flowserve Corporation”s Flowserve ValveSight is an asset management solution for integrated control valves and automated quarter-turn valve packages. The offering is designed to significantly reduce unexpected plant or process downtime by predicting potential failure modes and prioritizing condition-based maintenance before the performance of the working process can degrade. It reduces maintenance costs associated with preventative and break-fix activities by ensuring that actions are focused on solving root causes and not just symptoms. The system also improves safety and environmental compliance by proactively identifying critical issues before they occur.

The intelligent diagnostic software continuously captures rich diagnostic data from the valve, actuator, positioner, and control signal while the process is running and displays the data in an intuitive graphical user interface. Because the intelligence of the diagnostic software lies within the Flowserve Logix MD series of positioners, the system is compatible with both Flowserve and competitor valves. ValveSight is also available as an upgrade to most existing Logix 3000 series positioners. The company plans to make ValveSight available on the Flowserve Logix 500 and PMV D3 family of positioners in the near future, as well as the Flowserve Automax family of smart switchboxes for quarter-turn valve packages.

Running on FDT/DTM, a globally recognized integration standard, ValveSight can be connected to a Host DCS, workstations, or any system that supports FDT/DTM open architecture. Due to the FDT/DTM technology standard, the user does not need special training in order to gain immediate benefits of the ValveSight system.