Sage Metering”sSage Prime industrial thermal mass flowmeter is designed to monitor theflowrate and consumption of existing natural gas lines. With mountinghardware, the insertion-style device installs into the main line orbranches of any pipe from one inch and up. The meter is a good fit forsubmetering in industry at the building, or at the boiler or heaterlines, or for determining individual gas consumption at condominiums orapartment buildings. The 4-20 mA flowrate output or 24 V pulsed outputor full Modbus RS485 RTU communications are suitable for viewing,logging, or integrating the gas flow and totalized consumption on anhourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Sage partners canassist with data storage, integration with applications such as Excel,or viewing on the Internet. The flowmeter is powered locally orremotely by 12 VDC, 24 VDC or 115/230 VAC and draws 2.4 Watts. It alsofeatures graphical display of flowrate, totalized flow, temperature, aswell as an indication for ongoing diagnostics.