Universal Flow MonitorsUniversal Flow Monitors is adding a PROFINET option to its CoolPoint Vortex Shedding Flowmeters. The flowmeter with PROFINET is expected to be available for sale in Q1 of 2013. The flowmeter with PROFINET features fast start up (within 500 milliseconds) and dual RJ45 connectors with a built-in hub. Enclosed in a molded plastic housing, the flowmeter measures and transmits flow over PROFINET Industrial Ethernet networking for manufacturing and process plants. The flowmeter measures the velocity of liquids such as water, chemicals and corrosives. It uses a bluff body obstruction to produce vortices, and an electronic transducer measures these oscillations to provide a signal proportional to flowrate. Increasing flow increases the frequency of oscillation. The vortex shedding flowmeter has no moving parts to stick or coat, eliminating potential for clogging. – www.flowmeters.com