Alicat ScientificAlicat Scientific Inc. now offers its Mass Flowmeters and Mass Flow Controllers with a 200-to-1, turndown ratio as standard. Alicat meters and controllers measure mass flow using differential pressure and a patented laminar flow technology, resulting in fast response with a rugged design. The turndown ratio of a flow instrument refers to the ratio of minimum flow to full-scale flow that the unit can accurately measure. While the industry standard for this performance parameter is 100-to-1 or less, Alicat’s new 200-to-1 ratio covers a wider flow range with fewer pieces of instrumentation. Use of a single multi-range flowmeter reduces instrument cost and saves component space inside equipment cabinets. Devices come pre-calibrated (NIST traceable) for air, Hydrogen, Helium, and Argon, as well as 16 other gases and 10 gas mixes. –