McCrometer”s FlowCom Register provides simultaneous flowrate and volumetric totalized flow data for McCrometer’s Mc Propeller flowmeter in a range of water monitoring applications. With an advanced low power microprocessor design, the new digital device is designed to replace electro-mechanical counters. It features an easy-to-read, two-line display. The five-digit top line of the display indicates flowrate, while the eight-digit bottom line of the display provides volumetric flow data. Up to 22 different output measurement units are user selectable, including gallons, cubic feet, and liters. When configured for remote monitoring, the device is suitable for service in confined space areas where hazardous combustible or toxic gases may be present, as well as in large SCADA systems distributed over a wide geographic area. All electronics are sealed in a NEMA 4X enclosure for use in rugged operating environments. The FC100 includes a long-life Lithium battery, nonvolatile memory to protect flow data, and is a good option for single-point, meter-mount or small systems monitoring. For larger applications and/or remote monitoring, a DC-powered 4-20 mA loop configuration can be integrated with a distributed control system (DCS). The 4-20 mA loop requires a 12-40 Vdc power supply and can be mounted up to 5,000 feet away from the meter.