GE Sensing”sPanaFlow MV multivariable vortex flowmeters are the newest addition tothe PanaFlow flowmeter line. The flowmeters, which featureboth insertion and flanges, measure flow, temperature, pressure,density, and mass flow using a single point of contact. A single MVmeter provides stable and reliable solutions for accurate measurementof high temperature and high velocity steam, liquids, and gases. Thesingle meter design is available with a range of options andconfigurations to meet specific customer applications. Also, theintegrated pressure and temperature sensors are designed to reduceinstallation and lifecycle costs. Key applications for the PanaFlow MVinclude power generation (steam), industrial (HVAC, district energymanagement), commercial (building, campus and facility management), oil& gas (allocation of natural gas), and petrochemical (massbalancing, reaction processes heating). PanaFlow MV’s multivariabledesign consists of a vortex-shedding velocity sensor, an RTD(resistance temperature detector) sensor, and a solid-state pressuretransducer that measures the mass flowrate of steam, gases, andliquids. Using algorithms the meter can automatically calculate theenergy usage in steam and provide the data formats including BTU andkwH. Built-in HART and Modbus protocol support provide seamlesscommunication to the end-user’s process monitoring software. It is acost effective, accurate, and reliable meter for volumetric and massflow measurement for small diameter pipes from 0.5 to eight inches(15mm to 200mm).