The FlexSwitch Flow/Level/Temperature (FLT) Pump Protection Flow Switch from Fluid Components International (FCI) monitors the flow and temperature of liquids, gases, slurries, syrups, lubricants, coolants, and more. It is a good fit for wet/dry detection in protecting pumps where sudden, unexpected reductions in media flowrates may leave pumps vulnerable to over-heating conditions that can result in bearing or seal damage. It is a dual-function instrument that indicates both flow and temperature and/or level in a single device. It can be specified in either insertion or in-line styles for pipe or tube installation. Dual 6A relay outputs are standard and are assignable to flow, level or temperature. Agency approvals include: FM, ATEX, CSA, CRN, and CE. The flow switch is a good fit for applications in demanding process industries, including chemical processing, food & beverage, mining & milling, oil & gas, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, water & wastewater treatment, and more. –