Sensirion”s SLQ-QT105 flow sensor supports flowrates below two cc/sec (120 ml/min) with hydrocarbon-based liquids, such as photoresists and solvents. Designed for use in high-purity fluid handling applications in the semiconductor, PV and flat-panel display industries, the sensor features a short measurement response time of approximately 40 ms and very high sensitivity for flowrates down to 0.05 cc/sec (3 ml/min). Detection of air bubbles in the microliter range is also possible. Flow is measured without moving parts and noninvasively through the wall of a straight flow path. All wetted materials are made from Teflon or quartz glass. The compact, lightweight device is equipped with fittings for 4x3mm PFA tubing. A smart digital interface and RS485 communication are offered for long distance and bus capability.