by Jesse Yoder, Ph.D.

Welcome to FlowTimes, an e-newsletter by Flow Research that covers flow, temperature and pressure measurement. This is a very busy time at Flow Research, as we have recently completed our study The World Market for Vortex Flowmeters, 4th Edition. Our study shows that vortex is one of the few flowmeter types that showed an increase in 2009, when many flowmeter markets declined. Vortex flowmeters are increasingly used in the oil & gas and refining industries, and they are also used for steam flow measurement. With the ability to measure liquid, gas, and steam flow, vortex is among the most versatile flowmeter types available today.

Flow Research’s study of worldwide vortex flowmeter market began shipping early in July. The study includes market size worldwide and by region, growth forecasts, and market shares for the leading suppliers. It has a great deal of new segmentation that was requested by vortex suppliers. The study discusses the impact of the new American Petroleum Institute (API) standard for using vortex flowmeters for custody-transfer measurement.

For more information, including an updated study overview, visit This website also has links to nine articles on vortex flowmeters, including one published in the March 2010 issue of Flow Control magazine.

The World Market for Flowmeters, 3rd Edition is currently in development. The study will feature all types of flowmeters and will completely update the entire worldwide flowmeter market. Despite the downturn in the economy, we believe the market has expanded significantly since our last edition of this study was published in 2008. We expect to publish this study in August. For more information on this study, please visit

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There are three levels (or tiers) of people highlighted on this site:

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In addition, the site features technologies and companies that play an important role in the flowmeter world:

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Arkon Announces 2 New Magnetic Flowmeters
The MAGX2 is an improved version of the Arkon MAGX1. It continues the philosophy of the modular “plug and play” design. It is a flexible device for customizing applications from the most simple, where costs are very important, to the most demanding that require a highly technical solution such as GPRS or TCP/IP communication. The transmitter consists of a low-cost basic unit plus optional modules matched to the end-user’s requirements. Each module is, in fact, a small electronic board – the size of a large postage stamp – which can be freely installed or removed from the main board in seconds.

The MAGB1 is the new Arkon battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter. The MAGB1 features a +/-0.5 percent accuracy of actual value, according to Arkon. This makes it possible to install a reliable flowmeter virtually anywhere without sacrificing accuracy or performance if main power is not available. It is powered by two 3.6V lithium batteries placed inside the transmitter, with a battery life up to five years. Communication is done via USB using MODBUS RTU protocol. Compact and remote versions are available (cable length limited to six meters for remote version).

For more information on Arkon’s new magnetic flowmeters, see the Market Barometer for Q2 2010. Go to for information on the Market Barometer.

Here is our study schedule for the next several months (drum roll please). Become a “Founding Sponsor” any or all of these studies to participate in the research and receive a significant discount:

  • Volume X: The World Market for Flowmeters, 3rd Edition – August 2010 (
  • The World Market for Gas Flow Measurement, 2nd Edition – September 2010 ( (Note: There are three add-on modules on natural gas producers and custody transfer of natural gas that are due out in September.)
  • The World Market for Liquid Analytical Instruments – Q3 2010 (
  • The World Market for Turbine Flowmeters, 2nd Edition – Q3 2010 (
  • The World Market for Positive Displacement Flowmeters, 2nd Edition – Q4 2010 (

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