Flow Research launched a new Web site at www.LegendsofFlow.com, with the aim of highlighting significant advances in the flow measurement business by naming key individuals, companies and technologies that have helped shape the flow measurement process throughout history. The site features five categories:

The Pioneers of Instrumentation section describes those people who have developed theories relevant to flow and instrumentation. Legends of Flow includes living and contemporary men and women who contributed to the theory of flow and/or who founded influential companies in the flow measurement business. This section features original interviews and published articles. The Movers and Shakers of Flow highlights key decision-makers and players in the flow measurement field today. Legendary Companies contains profiles of companies that are especially influential in instrumentation today. And Legendary Technologies features a section devoted to each of the main flow measurement technologies currently in use today. Each section contains published articles about such leading flow measurement technologies as Coriolis, ultrasonic, turbine, etc.

If you would like to suggest additions to the LegendsOfFlow.com site and/or if your companies has articles you would like to contribute to the site, please forward them to Jesse Yoder, Ph.D., at jesse@flowresearch.com.