Alicat Scientific”sFlowVision SC is the newest version of the company’s software packagefor flowmeters, mass flow controllers, and pressure instruments.Alicat”s multidrop RS232 communication interface enables digitalcontrol, data acquisition and graphing of flow and pressure data, withup to 26 different Alicat devices on a single serial port. WithFlowVison SC, users can connect to and communicate with multiple Alicatunits simultaneously. Users can view multiple virtual displays, controltabs, graphs, and data lines from connected devices on the same screen.The software allows the changing of engineering units on any measuredparameters by creating custom modifiers. (Change SLPM to SCFM or PSIAto Bar, etc.). Users can also graph as many parameters for as manydevices as necessary, with color coding, zooming and printingfunctionality.

Other features include:
•    Automate and simplify Polling Alicat devices
•    Lock the front display with a command to prevent human error
•    Change the selected gas calibration on the fly
•    Change flow averaging on the fly
•    Tare connected Alicat devices
•    Perform setpoint control (controllers only)
•    Perform valve tuning (controllers only)
•    Access manufacturer and operational information about the attached instruments
•    Create software alarms that will notify of given parameter conditions
•    Change control loop on the fly