Flow Control magazine”s October 2009 “It Came From the Lab” cover concept received an “Honorable Mention” in the “Best Cover” category at the 2010 GAMMA Awards presentation earlier this week in Atlanta. The GAMMA Awards are presented annually by the Magazine Association of the Southeast to outstanding publications in the business-to-business and consumer segments that are produced in the Southeast region of the United States. This marks Flow Control”s first GAMMA Award since it started submitting nominations for the contest in 2007.

Flow Control’s October 2009 “It Came From the Lab!!!” cover concept highlights the magazine’s annual “case studies in innovation” issue, which provides case studies/application stories on the technologies honored as part of the Flow Control Innovation Awards program.

“Over the years, Flow Control has developed a reputation for quirky cover concepts that are contrary to the traditional plant- and/or process-oriented cover focus employed by most industrial trade magazines,” says Matt Migliore, Editor-in-Chief of Flow Control magazine. “Along this line, our aim with the Oct. 2009 cover concept was to create a vintage monster movie poster, playing on a ”Mad Scientist” theme to highlight the R&D efforts behind the technologies honored as part of our Innovation Awards program in an interesting way.”

In the end, the cover turned out better than what the Flow Control team had hoped for, and it played well as a concept for an October/Halloween issue. “Congratulations to the entire Flow Control team and, in particular, our art director Julie Flynn, who brought the idea for our October 2009 cover to life in an award-winning fashion,” says Migliore.