After more than a year of hard work and planning, it is my pleasure to announce the launch of a completely redesigned Flow Control website, located at The new site, which I like to call Flow Control 2.0, offers significant improvements over our previous website in terms of usability and features for those in search of information on fluid handling technology and applications. The following provides a brief overview of some of the key elements/improvements offered on the new Flow Control website.

Usability Improvements
From a broad perspective, the most important goal of the Flow Control website redesign was to improve the user experience and make it easier for you to find the information you are looking for. Along this line, we spent a substantial amount of time devising methods to better categorize and organize our content on the website. As a key outcome of this process, we have segmented the new website into “Focus Areas,” which highlight some of the key application and technology areas we cover on a regular basis. So, for example, if you are looking for information related to flow measurement, you can go directly to our “Flowmeters” Focus Area to find all of the content we have available in this category. Or, perhaps you’re looking for information on water treatment, in which case you could go to our “Water & Wastewater” Focus Area to find all of the content we have available on the site in this category.

Beyond usability, the new Flow Control website offers some key new content features that provide added value for you in your pursuit of fluid handling knowhow. Some of these content features include:

FlowTube Videos
FlowTube is a database of video tutorials and product demos specifically relevant for fluid handling applications. This resource is fully searchable and archivable, so you can easily locate videos that meet your application needs. FlowTube aims to provide you a multimedia vehicle to stay on top of the latest fluid handling applications and technologies.

Flow Control Career Center
The Flow Control Career Center is the most extensive job board catering exclusively to fluid handling professionals. You can use the Flow Control Career Center to find thousands of job titles, not just in the United States, but around the world. Say “goodbye” to those cumbersome, time-consuming searches on large, broad-based job boards filled with job listings that have nothing to do with the positions you’re looking for.

Flow Control White Papers
The Flow Control White Papers index provides downloadable technical papers from leading fluid handling equipment and service providers. This new section of the Flow Control website provides another avenue for you to find information on the latest fluid handling technologies and applications.

The items highlighted above are by no means the only features/improvements available on the new Flow Control website, but I only have so much space to work with here. I encourage you to visit, and send me comments on your likes/dislikes, as this information will enable us to improve the Flow Control website going forward. As always, our goal is to provide you the most complete and useful coverage of fluid handling technologies and applications.

– Matt Migliore, Editor-in-Chief