Canalta’s Flow Conditioner Housing (FCH) allows for regular inspections of the flow conditioner without breaking apart the flow line, therefore helping to reduce damage, blockage or residue accumulation. Available in both single- and dual-chamber designs, fitted for standard or corrosive service, and sized for 2-inch – 12-inch NPS, the FCH is designed to maintain critical flow conditioner alignment and positioning, prevent bypass leakage, and allow the operator to easily perform flow conditioner inspection and maintenance on the same regular schedule as the orifice plate. The FCH utilizes the new Canalta Contour Series flow conditioners. These isolating flow conditioners incorporate a non-protruding HNBR seal around the downstream face, and are available in a number of industry- accepted plate geometries, from the Zanker to the #50-style and more. All bore surfaces and internal dimensions within the FCH are manufactured to strictly comply with the latest editions of AGA-3 and ISO-5167 and can be supplied with any upstream connection desired. From ultrasonic to differential-pressure applications, the FCH is for both retrofits and new projects where flow profile is critical for accurate measurement. Canalta can supply the FCH and orifice fitting on one fabricated piece, ensuring that the vital length of tube between the flow conditioner and orifice plate is constructed according to the required specification. Canalta can also supply all components separately or fabricate the entire meter tube as required.