Thermo Fisher Scientific”s AutoPILOT PRO is the company’s next-generation flow computer. The AutoMITTER PRO is a smart multivariable transmitter for natural gas measurement. The AutoPILOT PRO gas flow computer was designed to be scalable from a single-run measurement application to multiple runs with full station control, enabling a single platform to be utilized and expanded as needed. Once configured, the AutoPILOT PRO automatically performs tasks that typically need to be programmed, including flow calculations, alarms and I/O sampling. Engineered to consume minimal power, the flow computer’s design also requires less monitoring and maintenance. In addition, the AutoPILOT PRO’s advanced plunger lift algorithms have proven to increase production.

Key features of the AutoPILOT PRO include:

  • Expandable single-run measurement application on up to six runs with full station control.
  • Built-in Ethernet and USB connectivity that ensures high-speed data transfer and enables users to easily connect the flow computer to a flash drive, laptop, PC or printer.
  • 32-bit processor that offers faster calculations to enhance flow measurement.
  • Up to 16 expandable analog inputs scale to meet a wide range of measurement and control needs without requiring platform upgrades.
  • Enhanced security technology and built-in encryption.

The new AutoMITTER PRO, which replaces the Thermo Scientific AutoMITTER, integrates with the AutoPILOT PRO. The new 3-in-1 design measures differential pressure, static pressure and temperature, eliminating the need for separate transducers and, ultimately, saving money and maintenance time.

Key features of the AutoMITTER PRO include:

  • Seamless integration into the AutoPILOT PRO motherboard, eliminating the need for an external card; simplifies integration with other Thermo Scientific gas flow computers.
  • High-accuracy measurement is ideal for applications that are more sensitive to varying temperatures, such as ultrasonic measurement.
  • Three price-flexible models.