Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Look for FLEXIM’s FLUXUS F601 Ultrasonic Flowmeter in action about 58 minutes into the movie.

Not only do FLEXIM’s flowmeters save the day in real-life applications, but one particular flow solution is now saving the day in the new epic Hollywood film “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” now in theaters. Look for FLEXIM’s FLUXUS F601 Ultrasonic Flowmeter in action about 58 minutes into the movie.

In the film, just as in reality, when starting up a power plant, it is crucial to assure that the required cooling and lubricating fluids are circulating before cutting in the generator loads to the turbines. The FLEXIM Ultrasonic Flowmeter provides this functionality in the movie when the humans attempt to re-start the plant. Without this, the risk of catastrophic failures, and consequent fires and explosions, would be unacceptably high. Being able to “spot measure” flows at various points from outside the pipes permits the technician to confirm that the permanent instrumentation is operating correctly.

FLEXIM’s General Manager John O’Brien remembers when he first heard from the film’s studio and its interest in FLEXIM. “They wanted the FLEXIM meter for its ergonomic design and high-tech quality look and feel,” O’Brien said.  “They particularly liked the armored cable stainless steel fit for purpose look.”

Flexim Fluxus F601

The FLUXUS F601 used in “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” is the portable clamp-on flowmeter of choice for servicing and maintenance activities, the control and auditing of measurement points not covered by permanent meters, or even the temporary replacement of permanently installed flowmeters.

Though featuring an ergonomic design, which offers simple handling and maximum ease of use, the F601 was designed to easily withstand rough industrial environments.

With its Li-Ion battery, the F601 allows for up to 14 hours of autonomous measurement. Matched and paired transducers as well as sophisticated algorithms care for the correction of pipe wall echoes and a wrong transducer positioning, thus ensuring reliable and highly accurate measurements—even during the most demanding application conditions.

The F601 is also available in an "Energy" and "Multifunctional"version, allowing the measurement of thermal energy / BTU flows and making the flowmeter the ideal companion for the analysis or auditing of heating and chiller plants. The collected data can be used to perform a complete energy balance or to assist during process monitoring and optimization.

For more information on Hollywood’s newest hero, the F601, visit www.flexim.com/us/fluxus-f601.