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This white paper from Sage Metering reveals that oil and natural gas storage vessels are approaching the EPA 40 CFR 60 Quad O deadline of April 15, 2015. EPA 40 CFR 60 Subpart OOOO is a directive for emission standards for the reduction of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and SO2 emissions from storage tanks that were constructed, modified or renovated after August 2011. “The EPA projects that as many as 46,000 new or recently modified storage tanks must be compliant by April 15, 2015,” says Wayne Shannon, Sage Metering Marketing Manager and author of the white paper. “For various reasons, a combustion control device appears to be the leading method to remove VOCs.” The EPA requires the installation of a continuous monitoring system when using the combustion device technique, which requires a gas flow meter with 2 percent accuracy at the inlet of the control device. “The Sage meter is ideal for these applications,” Shannon says.

This white paper supplements an earlier Sage Metering white paper titled, “Flare Gas Measurement Using Thermal Mass Flow Meters.”