GF Piping Systems Fixed Ultrasonic FlowmeterGF Piping Systems added an Ultrasonic Flow Measurement and Logging Family to its line of flow and analytical measurement instrumentation. Featuring advanced DSP technology, the ultrasonic family includes two portable models, Portaflow 220 and 330, and two fixed installation models, Ultraflo 3000/4000. Both system types display instantaneous fluid flow rates or velocity and totalized values and install quickly and easily without interrupting the process stream. The systems’ data loggers can output data directly to a PC or printer or store data in the instrument’s memory for downloading at a later time. The new instruments incorporate ‘Transit-Time’ (time of flight) DSP measurement capability, which is suited for clean media and process liquids. These devices provide a sampling resolution of 50 pico-second and continuous single level indication to the display. Other high-performance capabilities include a bi-directional velocity range of 0.33 ft/s with maximum velocity of 65 ft/s, with repeatability of +/-0.5 percent of measured value, or +/-0.02m/s whichever is greater. Instruments are supplied with two types of transducer sets to accommodate pipe sizes ranging from as small as ½-inch to as large as 78 inches in outside diameter(OD). Depending on model, the systems can record and store up to 98,000 (98k) or 200,000 (200k) metering points.