Oldham iTrans Fixed Gas MonitorOldham”s iTrans fixed-gas monitors are now fully compatible with its WX series controllers. The WX series consists of three controllers: WX4 (four-channel controller), WX16 (16-channel controller), and WX64 (64-channel controller). All WX controllers can be configured to receive and transmit gas readings wirelessly. Other features include RS485 ports, programmable relays, a backlit LCD screen, and 24-hour data logging. The WX64 also has an embedded Web page that enables remote viewing and configuration of all 64 channels via a standard Web browser. In addition, the WX Series controllers allow for communicating seamlessly with each other via their analog, digital or wireless signals. This allows local area controllers to communicate their readings back to a primary alarm controller. The fixed-point gas monitors employ an intelligent electronics platform to provide one or two points of detection from a single head. With the ability to monitor any combination of gases for a specific environment, the monitor utilizes “smart” sensor technology and safety features such as sensor recognition, all enclosed within an explosion-proof aluminum or stainless steel housing. – oldhamgas.com