The HART Communication Foundation (HCF, registered the first field device verified using the approved HART 7 Test Specification. The Hoffer Flow Controls ( HRT1 Rate Indicator/Totalizer has been verified by HCF to successfully meet the HART 7 Protocol standard and now carries the “HART Registered” mark.

Using the HART Protocol test tools, suppliers test their device to verify conformance and then submit the test data, documentation and the device to the HCF. The HCF conducts independent testing to verify compliance to the HART Protocol Specification. This process also verifies interoperability between different device suppliers.

The Hoffer Flow Controls HRT1 is a loop-powered indicator that accepts inputs from pulse generating devices including flowmeters, tachometers, etc. and includes support for linearization, alarms and a nonresettable grand totalizer. By incorporating HART 7 technology, the HRT1 provides an upgrade and migration path to WirelessHART communication for future product enhancement.