ACAM Messelectronic GmbH”s GP2time-to-digital converter (TDC) integrates a fire-pulse generator,clock calibration unit, and temperature measurement unit into a 5x5mmQFN 32 package that provides 50-picosecond resolution rms on twochannels. Designed as an engine for ultrasonic flowmeters, laserrangefinders, topography scanners, magnetostrictive transducers, andother instruments that rely on time-of-flight measurement, the GP2 isone-sixth the size of its predecessor (the GP1) and provides twice theresolution – all at significantly lower cost. Developed byACAM Messelectronic GmbH and available in North America exclusivelythrough Transducers Direct, the GP2 draws only a fraction of amicro-amp in quiescent mode, making it a good fit for battery-drivenbinocular range finders, golf rangefinders, and other general-purposelaser measuring devices. TheGP2 offers two measurement ranges. Range one providestwo channels with 65 picosecond resolution, two nanoseconds-1.8µsec range, and 15-nanosecond pulse-pair resolution with fourfoldmulti-hit capability. Up to four events can be measuredarbitrarily against each other. In range two the GPS provides onechannel with 65-picosecond resolution, a measurement range of 500nanoseconds to four msec and 500-nanosecond pulse-pair resolution withthree-fold multi-hit capability. For temperature measurement, the GP2handles two or four sensor inputs and provides resolution of 0.004 C. The integrated fire-pulse generator allows a high level ofcustomization for driving ceramic oscillators in ultrasonic flowmeters. The fire-pulse generator has two outputs and isprogrammable for frequency, phase, and number of pulses. Thedriver strength of each output is 48mA at 5V, or the two outputs can beparalleled for 96mA. Either output signal can also be inverted todouble the signal amplitude.