BETE Fog Nozzle”sPJ impingement nozzle offers a small profile and direct pressure. Itproduces a fine fog and a high percentage of droplets under 50 micronswith high-energy efficiency. The nozzle is a one-piece unit withcompact construction. No whirl vanes or internal parts. The nozzle isavailable with a 1/8″ or 1/4″ male connection. Filter options include100-mesh screen, 10-micron paper, or polypropylene. Spray pattern iscone-shaped, fog spray. Spray angleis 90 degrees. (For best 90-degree pattern, operate nozzle at or above60 PSI (4 bar).) Supports flowrates from 0.013 to 1.4 GPM (0.043 to 5.34L/min).