Fieldbus FoundationThe Fieldbus Foundation is developing technical specifications for integration of devices based on the Modbus communications protocol into its FOUNDATION for Remote Operations Management (ROM) technology. Integration of these instruments is intended to help enable an overall remote operations solution in a wide range of industrial automation applications.

This development is designed to integrate remote input/output (I/O), ISA100.11a, WirelessHART, wired HART, and FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 protocols into a single, standard data management environment. FOUNDATION for ROM is intended to extend the capabilities of FOUNDATION fieldbus to wired and wireless devices across the world.

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This solution was meant to provide a unified digital infrastructure for asset management in applications ranging from tank farms and terminals to pipelines, offshore platforms, and even original equipment manufacturer (OEM) skids.

Fieldbus says that the FOUNDATION for ROM technical specifications for the remote I/O, wired HART, WirelessHART, and wireless ISA100.11a interfaces have been completed and were successfully demonstrated at a live end-user demonstration at the Petrobras research and development facility (Cenpes) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in April 2013.

Fieldbus Foundation Director of Technology Development, David Glanzer, said, "We have a great team working on the Modbus integration. They have made exceptional progress on the use case development."