The Fieldbus Foundation ( released Device Description (DD) Library Version 3.1, a standardized source code resource designed to make it easier for developers to build Device Descriptions (DDs) for new FOUNDATION-based instrumentation.

The DD library contains source code for all standard FOUNDATION blocks and parameters, and it promotes a standardized view of field device information across manufacturers, enabling consistent configuration by users. The library is maintained to describe the most recent FOUNDATION specification.

All standard parameter labels and help strings defined in Version 3.0.1 of the standard dictionary have been translated to German. The library includes new manufacturer names and IDs, and some manufacturer names have been changed based on action requests submitted for Version 3.0.1. Unit codes and
fixed bugs in response to action requests have also been added to the library.

For more information about DD Library Version 3.1, e-mail or call 512 794-8890.