The Fieldbus Foundation has released the final specification for integration of ISA100.11a wireless field devices into its FOUNDATION for Remote Operations Management (ROM) technology.

This development is designed to allow automation end-users to employ multiple wired and wireless protocols for greater flexibility and expandability.

FOUNDATION for ROM aims to extend the capabilities of FOUNDATION fieldbus to wired and wireless devices in harsh and remote locations.

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With this release, the Fieldbus Foundation has finalized the remote I/O, wired HART and WirelessHART, and ISA100.11a portions of the FOUNDATION for ROM specification. The technology integrates these protocols, along with H1 fieldbus, into the FOUNDATION fieldbus managed infrastructure.

Specifications for Modbus communications are in development that will enable Modbus devices, such as wellhead flowmeters and submersible pump controllers, to be integrated in a similar way.

The new FOUNDATION specification means that end-users will be able to manage their ISA100.11a wireless devices just like FOUNDATION fieldbus devices within the FOUNDATION fieldbus infrastructure.

The new specification includes parameters for ISA100.11a transducer blocks, providing the block application objects into which ISA100.11a variables may be mapped for access by other fieldbus devices. The transducer blocks also provide a mechanism to pass data to and from ISA100.11a devices directly from configuration or asset management hosts.

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