Fieldbus, Industrial Wireless, Process Automation, Specifications, Transducer Blocks

The Fieldbus Foundation issued a preliminary specification for transducer blocks supporting ISA100.11a wireless devices. Developed by the International Society of Automation (ISA), ISA100.11a is an international, industrial wireless networking standard intended to serve the needs of process industries.

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As part of the FOUNDATION for Remote Operations Management (ROM) solution implementing wireless and remote I/O, the new technical specification defines a fieldbus transducer block used within FOUNDATION for ROM devices to communicate with ISA100.11a instruments. In addition, it describes the method for configuring tools and asset-managing hosts to access ISA100.11a devices, as well as structures to identify and maintain device status in ISA100.11a networks connected to FOUNDATION for ROM devices.

The new transducer block specification is designed to enable automation end-users to interface ISA100.11a devices to FOUNDATION fieldbus for better integration with a control system or with FOUNDATION devices. The technology also supports a networked method for asset-managing hosts to access an installed base of ISA100.11a devices for configuration and maintenance.