Hans-Georg Kumpfmueller, president of the Siemens (www.siemens.com) Process Instrumentation & Analytics Division, has been named to Fieldbus Foundation’s board of directors. In addition to Chairman John Berra of Emerson Process Management, current foundation members include: Kenneth Deken, Rockwell Automation; David Eisner, Honeywell; Motofumi Matsumura, Fuji; Shuzo Kaihori, Yokogawa; Jim Porter, DuPont; Claude Ricaud, Schneider Electric; Ron Szanyi, ExxonMobil; Mark Taft, ABB; Hirozume Sone, Yamatake Corporation, John Eva, Invensys; and, now, Hans-Georg Kumpfmueller, Siemens AG.

Kumpfmueller holds a degree in electronics engineering, and has an extensive career history in the automation industry. He first worked at Grundig in the field of oscilloscopes and semi-professional video cameras. He joined the Siemens Automotive Systems Group in 1981, and was involved in the development of electronic controllers such as electronic diesel injection, all-wheel drive, and anti-lock braking systems. In 1991, Kumpfmueller became head of quality for the Siemens Car Electronics Division and later was named executive vice president for the company’s automotive electronics plant in South Korea. Kumpfmueller returned to Germany in 1997 as the manager of the field device business within Siemens Automation & Drives. Since 2000, he has served as president of the Siemens Process Instrumentation & Analytics Division.