Festo, a provider of industrial automation technology and training programs, is offering a range of materials designed to help OEMs more rapidly and accurately comply with international safety standards.

Documents developed include the Safety Engineering Guidelines Pneumatic and Electric Solutions brochure and the Evaluation and Assessment of Safety Measures Poster. Both documents, designed specifically for OEM safety engineering teams, are available in downloadable PDF format.

The catalog covers directives and standards, safety functions utilizing product examples, and training and consulting options. The use of product examples in the catalog helps make the directives tangible for the design engineering team.

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The poster can be used as a graphical reference tool for information on risk assessment criteria, designated architectures, common cause failures, mean-time-to-failures, and much more. The poster covers EN ISO 13849-1 and IEC 61508, 61511, and 62061. Since these standards are close to United States and many Asian standards, the same concepts apply and help to clarify safety design considerations.

“Conformance to international safety standards opens the door to sales to multinationals and sales in international markets,” said Richard Huss, CEO of Festo U.S. “The issue becomes how to cost effectively engineer safety while navigating a complex series of international standards. Festo’s compilation of safety related material is designed to place a host of valuable, Web-based information at the disposal of OEM engineering and safety personnel.”