Bex Inc.”sAir-Atomizing Spray Nozzle has two gas ports — one for gas to atomizethe sprayed liquid and another for gas that drives the cylinder. Thisfeature allows clean gas to be blended with liquid and preventscontamination from cylinder lubricants. Typical applications includefood processing, industrial cleanrooms, humidification, cooling, airpollution control, coating processes, lubrication, curing, chemicaldispersion, and others. Available with tips that provide a flat V,solid-stream, and full-cone spray patterns, the nozzle can spraybetween one-half gallon and 70 gallons of fluid per hour. It can sprayatomized liquid or the liquid itself, either continuously or in pulses.It is also capable of pulsing powder. The nozzle’s most criticalfeature is its individual replacement capability. Each nozzle can bechanged by itself on any part of the mounting rod without interferingwith the operation of other nozzles in the system.