Burger & BrownEngineering”s Smartflow Tracer electronic flowmeters are now equippedwith FCI (Fluid Characteristic Indication). FCI displays “TFLOW” whenturbulent flow is present in a cooling water line. Turbulent flow isthe condition of maximum cooling efficiency, especially valuable inplastics injection molding, for example. The flowmeters are availablein display-only and switching versions. Display units arebattery-powered and present flow, temperature, BTU’s/min and FCIinformation. switching  flowmeters show the same information asthe display units, as well as a user-programmable SPDT switch (1A,30VAC, 42VDC) that trips on flow or temperature setpoints and analogvoltage output for flow and temperature information. All Tracerflowmeters are available with 3/8″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/2″ and 2″ NPT andBSPP threads. Wetted materials are nickel-plated brass, anodizedaluminum, nylon, and stainless steel with a neodymium rotor magnet.Flow-sensing parts are corrosion-resistant and suitable for use withwater and ethylene glycol mix. Operating temperature is 32 F to 230 F(0 C to 110 C). Flow ranges start at 0 GPM to 8 GPM (0 LPM to 30 LPM)and increase according to connection size up to 10 GPM to 110 GPM (38LPM to 418 LPM). Flow accuracy is +/-5 percent and repeatability is+/-3 percent based on the full scale of the range. Maximum pressurerating is 100 PSI. Flowmeters may be line-mounted in any position; flowreading is bi-directional.