Spirax Sarco”sSP200 line of electropneumatic smart control valve positionerscan be fitted to any of SSI’s pneumatic direct actuators. Thepositioner features simple installation and commissioning,adaptive valve control, and smart functions. Installation issimplified by the absence of mechanical linkages betweenvalve stem and positioner and the smart auto-calibration function.Local calibration and parameter setting can be performed throughmenu-driven software with an integral keypad and a large, LCDalphanumeric data display. Valve commissioning is simplified through anauto-stroke routine and display of programming status, softwaretravel switch status, 4-20mA input signal, and valve diagnostics.The tight pressure valve shutoff ensures cost savings by reducingair consumption, while the adaptive valve control automatically adjustsfor changes in air supply pressure and stem friction to maintainaccurate control. Hall effect, noncontact feedback of valve positionprovides accuracy and eliminates wear. The positioner featuressingle/fail vent action and function with two-port or three-portvalves. It offers linear, equal percentage and fast opening modeswith an output capacity of five SCFM (8.5 Nm3/h) at 90 PSIG (6 barg).The positioner includes: anti-corrosive, die cast aluminumconstruction; a local LCD indicator; a NAMUR standard mounting kitfor attachment to yoke- or pillar-mounted actuators; and anoptional pressure gauge block. The positioner is dust tightand resistant to water jets with an IP65 protection rating and EMCstandard 89/336EC compliance.