ITT Goulds Pumpshas improved the hydraulic coverage of its core API 610 product line,specifically the model 3700 type OH2 pump used extensively in the oiland gas market. Goulds is developing 21 new hydraulics, while improving11 existing hydraulics. These new hydraulics will allow optimum pumpselection between 80 percent and 110 percent of best efficiency pointflow (as required by API 610). It will also optimize thesuction-specific speed and NPSHR of numerous impellers to better meetcustomer specifications.

The first eight sizes of hydraulics being released are:  
– 1×2-7H         
– 1×2-11BL         
– 1×3-13AL        
– 1×3-13C       
– 3×6-11L
– 3×6-13L
– 6×8-13AL
– 1.5×3-13AL