Thermo Fisher Scientific”sITQ Ion Trap GC/MS Series gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS)ion trap instruments feature external ionization. The ITQ 700, ITQ 900,and ITQ 1100 ion trap systems are fully upgradeable systems designed toprovide high performance and high specificity. Developed for a range ofapplications, from routine GC/MS to research-grade ion trap MS, thesenew systems address the analytical needs of the environmental, foodsafety, pharmaceutical QA/QC, forensics, and toxicology industries, aswell as academic laboratories. The ITQ 700 is designed for routinefull-scan quantitation and general teaching applications. The ITQ 900incorporates full-scan sensitivity of ion trap mass spectrometry withthe increased flexibility of the Thermo Scientific TRACE GC Ultra gaschromatograph. The ITQ 1100 features new advanced MS/MS (MSn)functions. These high-performance ion trap-based GC/MS systems areideal for laboratories seeking the most powerful GC/MS platform andoptimal flexibility.