Emerson ProcessManagement”s Rosemount 8712 magnetic flowmeter transmitter featuresadvanced diagnostics, providing users added flexibility in applying and maintaining theirmagmeters. With patented diagnostic software, the transmitter providesinformation that helps users through the Local Operator Interface(LOI), AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager, a 375 handheldcommunicator, and any device that supports the HART protocol. Apatented flow calibration verification technique ensures users aregetting the maximum performance out of the magnetic flowmeter withoutremoving it from the process. Grounding and wiring fault detectionconfirms that the meter is properly installed. A high process noisediagnostic notifies users if the signal is noisy and allows them toadjust coil drive frequencies to stabilize the signal without addingdamping to the control loop.  This provides improved processcontrol and management.