The HART Communication Foundation added features to its WirelessHART Test System — Wireless Test System v1.4 and Wi-Analys Software v1.3. Key enhancements in these new versions provide significant improvements in test performance, tool usability, and technician productivity while compliance testing WirelessHART devices to HART Protocol requirements.

Wireless Test System v1.4 provides improvements to automated test scripts, enhanced message logging, improved Response Code, Burst Mode, Routing and Timer testing, and testing of DUT buffers, Packet Precedence and Priority. Wi-Analys Software v1.3 provides test analysis productivity enhancements for “go to” button, packet type display, automatic Network ID translation, large file capture and playback.

The WirelessHART Test System is a component of the HART Device Registration Program in which the HART Foundation independently tests and validates products to HART Protocol requirements.