Oseco”s Opti-Gardpressure-management system features a reverse-acting bursting disk, asingle-design holder with multi-flange compatibility, and a noninvasivedetector. With tolerance of only 3 percent across a wide range of burstpressures and a 95 percent operating ratio, the system offers a highlevel of performance for liquid, gas or vapor applications. All partsthat are exposed to media flow are manufactured from either 316Stainless Steel or corrosion-resistant Hastelloy C as standard. Asingle design for both disc and holder ensures that user stock levelsare kept to a minimum. The disc has a performance tolerance of plus orminus 3 percent down to 65 PSIG. The system”s noninvasive detectiondevice is reusable and only requires a one-time installation. Since it is isolated from downstream pressure fluctuations oraggressive media, it will not cause unnecessary downtime through falsefailure indication.