InterstateSpecialty Products” seats, seals, gaskets, washers, and related partsare fabricated to customer specification from PTFE, PFA, and TFM. PTFEcomponents are engineered from various formulations of PTFE, PFA, andTFM to achieve specific performance characteristics with respect tolubricity, wear-, heat-, and chemical-resistance. Machined, die-cut, orstamped to match OEM design requirements, typical components includebearings, bushings, gaskets, seats, seals, spacers, and washers.Chemically inert and unaffected by most corrosive fluids, the PTFEcomponents are suitable for operation from -400 F to 500 F and can befilled with glass fiber, carbon, or graphite. Capable of conforming torough sealing surfaces, PTFE components are ideal for use incompressors, instruments, pipelines, pumps, and valves requiringslipperiness and durability.