AllMotion”s EZHR17EN Stepper motor controller and driver is designed for rapid off-the-shelf implementation in miniature applications. The dual-axis device measures 1.6″ x 1.6″ (40mm x 40mm) and provides up to two amps drive current for one axis and up to one amp for the second with optional second stepper or bidirectional DC driver daughter card. The EZHR17EN and daughter card can microstep up to 1/256 and 1/16 steps, respectively. The system provides high resolution coordinated motions for applications, such as an X-Y robot or a syringe and valve drive. Capable of precise positioning, acceleration, and velocity capability for any stepper motor that is three inches or smaller (NEMA size 23 or smaller). Well suited for medical devices, scientific and optical instruments, embedded automation applications, and any small footprint device that needs rapid implementation of precise dual axis motion control.

Select features include:

• Optional second stepper or bidirectional DC driver on daughter card.
• RS232, RS485 or USB based communications.
• Fits on the back of a NEMA size 23 or smaller stepper motor.
• Selectable step resolution from 1/8 to 1/256th step.
• Up to 20 million microsteps/second.
• Industry standard communications protocol.
• Standalone operation capable with no connection to a PC.
• Single four-wire bus can link up to 16 stepper motor controllers.
• Two-amp chopper (PWM) driver.
• Dual encoders, position maintain mode.
• Operates from 12V to 40V.