Colder ProductsCompany”s DrumQuik PRO is a closed chemical dispensing system designedto facilitate safe, easy, and economic extraction of chemicals fromplastic drums, jerry cans, and IBCs. This chemical management system iscomprised of two major components; a low-cost and recyclable druminsert assembly that combines a bung closure and a dip-tube. The druminsert assembly seals the container for transport from chemicalpackager to the end -user site. The second component is a rugged,reusable quick-disconnect coupler (dispense head) that is installed atthe point-of-use. The coupler incorporates an automatic shutoff valve,which prevents chemical media from leaking out when it is disconnectedfrom the drum insert during container change-outs. It also ensures thatboth sides are sealed from point-of-origin to point-of-use. The coupleralso incorporates a vent port for controlled venting of the container.