Exact Flow”s FlowGator calibrator features an extended-range, dual-manifold capability.Utilizing a two-meter manifold control system, this portable, automatedflow transfer standard operates in single viscosity fluids from 0.1 to310 GPM (over 3000:1). Calibrations in multiple viscosities can beachieved from 0.35 to 310 GPM (886:1 turndown). Instead of removingflowmeters from service for recalibration, the Flow Gator flow transferstandard allows users to bring the calibrator to the flowmeter.This field flow calibrator isintended for in-line calibration and validation of meters using theactual process liquid.  It is compatible with any meter with anelectronic output or visual indicator. The calibrator incorporates hand-held
electronics, thus eliminating the need to carry a laptop computer into
the field. Twodual-rotor turbine flowmeters, which provide repeatability of +/-0.02percent, enable the Flow Transfer Standard system uncertainty to be<+/-0.25 percent of reading. The calibrator automatically selectsthe appropriate master meter, based on the current flowrate.  Flowconditioners are built into the manifold, as well as the temperaturesensor. The calibrator reads signals from the master meters, the flowmeter under test and a fluid temperature sensor.  The embedded flow computers process these signals to enable viscosity compensation, linearization and processing of the UUT output.