Siemens TransmitterSiemens introduced the addition of FM Class 1 Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D, and FM Class 1, Zone 1 AEx d (ia) ia/IIC/T3-T6 approvals for the company's half-inch to 12-inch line of Sitrans magnetic flowmeters. For line sizes larger than 12 inches, Siemens is now offering sensors and transmitters that carry the FM Class 1, Zone 1 AEx d e (ia) ia/IIC/T3-T6 approval. The approvals are available for Siemens Mag 3100 Series # 7ME6310, Mag 3100 HT Series # 7ME6320, and Mag 3100 P Series # 7ME6330 flow sensors. Siemens Sitrans FM magnetic flowmeters (magmeters) are designed to measure the flow of almost any electrically conductive liquid, as well as sludges, pastes and slurries.  A prerequisite is that the medium must have a certain minimum conductivity. The temperature, pressure, viscosity, and density have little influence on the result. Siemens Sitrans FM magnetic flowmeters are designed for flexibility at the operational level, easy commissioning, simple operation, maintenance and service, expandability, and in-depth diagnostics. The new approvals are relevant to customers in the water & wastewater, chemical, and industrial markets, where magnetic flowmeters are used in potentially explosive environments.