Exact Flow (www.exactflow.com), a supplier of precision flow measurement instrumentation for demanding applications, launched a new Web site offering quick access to expanded product and application information for its advanced dual-rotor turbine flowmeters, flow calibrators and related flow electronics.

The site features improved navigation features, application descriptions, product data bulletins, contact information and quote requests. Customers using the site can contact the Exact Flow Applications Engineering Department for assistance with proper system configuration and calibration for a range of fluid measurement requirements.

All Exact Flow turbine flowmeters are calibrated at Flow Dynamics (www.flow-dynamics.com) in an NVLAP accredited facility, obtaining uncertainties of ≤0.05 percent of rate and +/-0.012 percent repeatability. Calibrations are offered in 1.2 cSt solvent, blended oils and water with 10, 20 or 30 calibration data points. UVCs are developed over the min/max temperature range of the process fluid.