Emerson Process Management”sSIL 3-certified Fisher FIELDVUE DVC6000 digital valve controller isdesigned for safety instrumented systems (SIS). The enhancements helpimprove reliability, flexibility, and availability of emergencyshutdown (ESD) valve solutions. The ESD final control system componentsare integrated with safety-certified sensors and SIL3-rated systems inEmerson’s digital smart SIS solutions. The DVC6000 SIS instrumentenhancements include manual reset, a stored safety demand event log,pass/fail status after a partial-stroke test, and third-partycertification to SIL3, SIF loop. A safety demand event can be stored inthe nonvolatile memory of the microprocessor and retrieved at any time.This event log is critical for plant personnel, reliability engineers,and auditing authority to properly understand the final element statusbefore and after the trip or demand event.