This week the U.S. Energy Department awarded more than $54 million for 13 projects across the country that it says can help American manufacturers dramatically increase the energy efficiency of their operations and reduce costs.

According to an official Energy Department announcement, these projects will develop cutting-edge manufacturing tools, techniques, and processes that will be able to save companies money by reducing the energy needed to power their facilities. These projects are a part of the Obama Administration’s strategy for investing in emerging technologies that create high-quality domestic manufacturing jobs and enhance the competitiveness of U.S. companies in today’s global markets.

The results of these projects could produce large improvements in energy productivity, reduce pollution, and boost product output, while creating jobs and helping American companies expand export opportunities globally, the Energy Department said.

Collectively, these projects are part of the Obama Administration’s effort to support the creation of good jobs by helping U.S. manufacturers reduce costs, improve quality, and accelerate product development.

The projects selected for awards include:

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. – Allentown, Pa. – $1,200,000
American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) – Salt Lake City, Utah – $7,120,000
Delphi Automotive Systems, LLC – Rochester, NY – $3,700,000
General Motors LLC – Warren, Mich. – $2,672,124
Lyondell Chemical Company – Newtown Square, Pa. – $4,500,000
MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc. – St. Peters, Mo., – $3,680,000
MIT – Cambridge, Mass. – $1,000,000
PolyPlus Battery Company – Berkeley, Calif. – $8,999,920
Research Triangle Institute – Research Triangle Park, NC – $4,800,000
Teledyne Scientific and Imaging – Thousand Oaks, Calif. – $2,110,000
The Dow Chemical Company – Midland, Mich. – $9,000,000
The University of Utah – Salt Lake City, Utah – $1,460,285
Third Wave Systems, Inc. – Minneapolis, Minn. – $4,069,882

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