Endevco Corporation (www.endevco.com), a provider of sensing solutions for vibration, shock, and pressure applications renovated its calibration services laboratory. As a result, the lab can now provide three-day turnaround on accelerometer, pressure transducer, and shock sensor calibrations for domestic U.S. customers, according to the company.

The new calibration area provides rapid response for NIST-traceable calibration certificates for shock, vibration and pressure sensors, and microphones from 0.01Hz to 500Hz, as well as POP calibrations up to 10,000g. The lab can also provide high-frequency calibration up to 20kHz with resonance search up to 50kHz.

The new lab is based on the Endevco Automated Accelerometer Calibration System (AACS). The AACS provides NIST-traceable calibrations down to 1.2 percent. A new environmental control system and process workflow and ancillary equipment upgrades were also integral to the renovation. In addition to standard calibration services, the lab is capable of providing custom calibrations specifically designed to meet customer needs, including special temperature and pressure environments and system level calibrations.

To celebrate the new facility, Endevco is offering a 10 percent discount on all calibration requests through Sept. 1, 2006 for all domestic customers who mention this announcement.